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Experts Agree: Best Not to Skimp on Photography

What will you remember from your wedding day? Think ahead 50 years from now when you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Will you still have that toaster? The flowers will be gone, the dress packed away or given to your daughter or grand daughter, and you may have one invitation left, only photos will remind you best of that day.

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Photography Should Be One Of Your Biggest Budget Items

You should try to hire the best photographer you can afford. Cutting costs by having a friend or relative take your photos could be a mistake. Even hiring an inexpensive professional photographer can sometimes be risky. What if the photographer goes out of business between the time he or she takes your pictures and when your supposed to have your photos ready? There are plenty of horror stories of couples who lost both money and their pictures when their photographer disappeared.

Not only will a good professional photographer have access to the latest photo editing and photo finishing techniques and products but they also will have the expertise, knowledge and skills to capture the best photos.

They've taken thousands of photos and know all the poses and set-ups that make for a memorable photo collection. They'll probably know more about what photos you'll want than you do. Missing a photo of you and you best friend from college who traveled miles to be with you on your special would truly be a loss.

A wedding is one event where you'll probably have all your close relatives together in one place. Unlike somber events like funerals, your relatives will be in a good mood and willing to be photographed. It's a time when you can get memorable photos of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. Both families can come together for photos that combine members of both of your new family.

Make sure you have a meeting with the photographer before the big day to discuss how you want the event to be captured. If it's a second marriage there may be some diplomacy involved, and ground rules applied, but a professional photographer will have the experience to handle any situation with tact.

Professional Equipment

A professional photographer will have the best equipment available. Often they will have multiple cameras and usually will have an assistant to help them. Your professional photographer may use a combination of film cameras and digital equipment. The latest digital camera with a high megapixel will ensure that your photos can be enlarged without losing detail. So when he takes that special photo of you it can later be made into a stunning work of art to hang in your home.

Your photos will be professionally edited and printed using the best materials, often using archival paper that will last longer than standard photo finishing paper. So many years from now you can look back like it was yesterday and remember that special day you said "I do". banner



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